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Introduction to the working principle of carbon molecular sieve?

2020-10-02 H:30:02

Carbon molecular sieves use screening characteristics to separate oxygen  nitrogen. When the carbon molecular sieve adsorbs the residue vapor, the pore  the vertical pore are only used as safety channels,  the adsorbed molecular structure is transported to the microporous plate  the sub microporous plate, which are the specific volumes to give full play to the adsorption effect. Carbon molecular sieves consist of many microporous plates. This kind of microplate can make the molecular structure with small size of kinetic model rapidly diffuse into the pore,  restrict the entry of large-diameter molecular structure. Because of the different size of the vapor molecular structure of the relative external diffusion rate is  the same, so the composition of the vapor compounds can be well separated. Therefore, in the production of carbon molecular sieve, according to the size of molecular structure specification, the distribution of microporous plates in carbon molecular sieve should be 0.28 ~ 0.38 nm. Within the scope of this microplate specification, CO2 can be rapidly diffused into the pores according to the micropores, but N2 cannot be separated  oxygen  nitrogen according to the micropores. The diameter of the microplate is the basis for separating oxygen  nitrogen  carbon molecular sieve. If the diameter is very large, CO2  N2 carbon molecular sieves are very easy to enter into the microporous plate  can  have the effect of separation; when the diameter is too long, neither oxygen nor nitrogen can enter into the microporous plate  have no separation effect.

Because of the limitation of the standard, the domestic carbon molecular sieves can  be well manipulated by the diameter. The carbon diameter of carbon molecular sieves on the market is 0.3 ~ 1nm, while that of yangu carbon molecular sieve is 0.28 ~ 0.36nm. The raw materials of carbon molecular sieve are coconut shell, coal, epoxy resin, etc., which are pre molded with basic raw materials after processing  crushing. The main purpose of the plate is to improve the compressive strength  avoid damage  delamination. The second step is to stimulate skin pores. The active agent was introduced at 600 to 1000 ℃. Common active agents include water vapor, carbon dioxide, carbon dioxide  compounds. They conduct thermochemical changes with relatively active amorphous carbon molecules to slowly expand the specific surface to produce pores. The three steps are to adjust the porosity structure by applying the vapor of the compound: for example, benzene in carbon accumulates the pore edge of carbon molecular sieve to adjust the diameter to meet the requirements.

Carbon molecular sieve



Contact number: 0572-6116488 0572-6501198

Fax number: 0572-6500960

Company Address: Dingxin Development Zone, Jiapu Town, Changxing County, Zhejiang Province

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