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How to use nitrogen generator correctly?

2020-07-08 H:12:20


The carbon molecular sieve of nitrogen generator has high requirements for the quality of compressed air, the compressed air contains a lot of water a certain amount of dust oil mist. Therefore, the compressed air needs to be cooled, dehydrated degreased before entering the nitrogen generator. handle. The purification of compressed air is very important, which can be ignored! Because the quality of compressed air purification is directly related to the service life of carbon molecules, it is directly related to the long-term effective use of nitrogen generator.

Steps of starting nitrogen generator

(1) Turn on the dryer pre cool for five minutes.

(2) Open the air valve entering the dryer let the compressed air enter the dryer to remove water, oil dust.

(3) Open the air valve entering the nitrogen generator let the dry clean air enter the nitrogen generator.

(4) Turn on the power supply emergency switch of nitrogen generator, start the device to work.

(5) Wait for 15 minutes, so that the nitrogen generator has enough time to produce nitrogen.

Shut down procedure of nitrogen generator

(1) Press the stop switch power switch on the nitrogen generator.

(2) Turn off the power switch of the dryer.

(3) Close the air valve entering the nitrogen generator.

(4) If it is used for a long time, please cut off the main power supply.


(1) Please check whether the cold dryer works normally test whether the water oil in the air exceed the standard with an air gun.

(2) Please keep the pressure of nitrogen cylinder do empty it.

(3) Please keep the environment around the nitrogen generator body clean tidy.

Matters needing attention in use of nitrogen generator

(1) The 220 V power supply is used for the whole nitrogen generation system. Please pay attention to the safety of electricity. Non professionals are allowed to operate electrical appliances modify circuits without authorization.

(2) Before starting the nitrogen generator, the compressed air pressure at the inlet should be higher than 0.7MPa, otherwise the efficiency of the nitrogen generator will be fully utilized.

(3) Confirm that the compressed air treatment equipment (refrigerated adsorption dryer) needs to be in operation can handle most of the oil, water, dust impurities in the compressed air.

(4) The rated discharge pressure of air compressor should be 0.8-1.0mpa (at least ≥ 0.75mpa), the oil content in compressed air should be ≤ 10ppmw / W.

(5) Before use, turn on the power supply of the dryer, pre cool the dryer for about 5 minutes, then turn on the nitrogen generator.

(6) According to the technical requirements of air compressor air dryer, to ensure the air quality. The air compressor cold dryer should be inspected maintained at least once a year.

(7) Record the use date of each pre screening procedure replace its filter element regularly.

(8) For the pipes outside the nitrogen generator, use copper stainless steel pipes (followed by galvanized pipes) for screw connection welding.

(9) Do move the electrical components in the electrical control cabinet without authorization, do dismantle the pneumatic pipeline valve without authorization. The valve adjusted by the commissioning personnel shall rotate at will, so as to affect the purity of nitrogen.

(10) Provide full-time operation maintenance management personnel receive special training. The appearance of the equipment should be kept clean wiped with a wet cloth neutral soapy water.

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Contact number: 0572-6116488 0572-6501198

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Company Address: Dingxin Development Zone, Jiapu Town, Changxing County, Zhejiang Province

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