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What is the difference between carbon molecular sieve activated carbon?

2020-11-04 H:10:49

With the continuous development trend of the application range of pressure swing adsorption nitrogen generation device, the regulation of carbon molecular sieve is constantly improved, which will further promote the development of the industry. In the next two years, this industry will be more  more known  a remote industry. Secondly, with the improvement of deep application, the requirements of carbon molecular sieve on nitrogen production, nitrogen utilization rate, bulk density, compressive strength  other indicators are becoming higher  higher. Further improving product technical parameters will be the new development trend of this industry in the future. Since carbon molecular sieve is an important component of PSA nitrogen generation device,  the cost accounts for more than 70% of all mechanical equipment, the operating cost will be an important standard to promote the development trend of the field. Carbon molecular sieve is a kind of non-polar carbon plant raw material. Carbon molecular sieves (CMS) is used to extract vapor to gather N2. The production process of low nitrogen inhibition at room temperature is adopted. Compared with the traditional deep cooling  high inhibition nitrogen production process, it has the advantages of less investment project cost, faster nitrogen production rate  lower cost of N2. Carbon molecular sieves are synthetic chemicals with porous materials. It can extract the molecular formula with different pattern diameter, different optical activity level, different melting point  different saturation level, that is, it has the function of "selecting" the molecular formula, so it is called carbon molecular sieve. At present, carbon molecular sieve is widely used in steel industry, pharmaceutical factory, electronic components, petrochemical equipment, machinery  equipment, natural gas  other industrial production. There are mainly 2a, 5A, 11x  carbon molecular sieves, as well as carbon molecular sieves with fillers One of the important application areas of carbon carbon molecular sieve is air separation. Whether CO2  N2 can be extracted  extracted by kinetic equation, it is  difficult to see the uniformity  size of its diameter. The types of activated carbon must be many,  the diameter is also very different, especially after the modification of engineering plastics by punching  shrinkage porosity, different types of production process can be considered,  the pore volume will be very different. Different treatment methods of activated carbon will continue to lead to the change of functional group isomerism on the surface again, thus with a part of optical activity. The treatment methods include surface modified engineering plastics  high temperature sintering,  the analytical chemical characteristics of activated carbon surface caused by different methods are very persistent. This series of products are widely used in drinking water, food industry, power installation engineering, pharmaceutical factory, mining, steel industry, mineral processing, paper industry, textile products, paper mill, petroleum  urban construction water supply  drainage industry. Provide continuous  strong availability for wastewater treatment difficulties in every relevant industry around the world. The above series of water treatment materials can be widely used in water supply companies, aquaculture, hot spring bathing, power plants, petroleum, pharmaceutical plants, stainless steel plates, paper mills, electronic components, ecological environment protection  other industries for production  processing of domestic water  wastewater treatment Application. Supply alumina powder ball, carbon molecular sieve, quartz sand, manganese sand filter material, long flame coal, activated carbon, polyaluminum chloride  other chemical raw materials.

Carbon molecular sieve



Contact number: 0572-6116488 0572-6501198

Fax number: 0572-6500960

Company Address: Dingxin Development Zone, Jiapu Town, Changxing County, Zhejiang Province

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