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How to better maintain the nitrogen generator?

2020-07-07 H:40:32


Nitrogen generator is very important in the manufacture of carbon molecular sieve, which is still very important for the maintenance of nitrogen generator. The maintenance of nitrogen generator will be mentioned in the communication with many manufacturers of nitrogen generator. In fact, the maintenance of nitrogen generator can be divided into two categories:

1、 Routine maintenance

2. There are two kinds of regular maintenance for nitrogen generator?

1. Daily maintenance of nitrogen generator

1. Normal supply normal opening closing of power supply, air source temperature conditions required by nitrogen generator, especially the stability of power supply voltage, reduces the damage of power supply to controller solenoid valve.

2. Always pay attention to the pressure of the air tank, keep the pressure of the air tank between 0.6 0.8 MPa, shall be lower than the rated value.

3. Check the automatic drainer every day to avoid blockage drainage. If it is blocked, you can slightly open the manual valve, close the self drain valve, then remove the automatic drain for disassembly cleaning. Please use soap foam when cleaning automatic drainer.

4. Regularly check the three pressure gauges on the nitrogen generator, record their pressure changes every day to analyze the equipment failure, observe the flowmeter nitrogen purity at any time, maintain the purity of degassed nitrogen.

5. Check the refrigeration effect of the chiller regularly every week to avoid the water carbon molecular sieve poisoning in the nitrogen generator due to the failure of the cold dryer.

6. Carry out operation routine maintenance according to the requirements of instrument use specification. Check the sensitivity of the solenoid valve / pneumatic valve, the pressure range of the pressure regulating valve, the accuracy of the gas analyzer, the compression degree of the adsorption tower, the exhaust state of the muffler, the cleanliness of the inner pipe of the flowmeter.

2、 Regular maintenance of nitrogen generator

1. Check the cooling effect of the dryer in the air treatment process, regularly replace the pipe filter element (every six months) to improve the air quality.

2. Replace the activated carbon of nitrogen generator (every 12 months). Activated carbon connection is a degreasing process, which can reduce the oil content in the air, so as to avoid poisoning the carbon molecular sieve of nitrogen generator.

3. Test calibrate nitrogen analyzer of nitrogen generator. The general life of P860 series nitrogen analyzer is 2-3 years. It is recommended to replace the nitrogen generator at the end of its service life to avoid misjudging the purity of the nitrogen generator damaging the product.

4. Check the solenoid valve pneumatic valve. In order to ensure the normal operation of the equipment, the user is recommended to stand by.

5. Analyze test the nitrogen production of carbon molecular sieve of nitrogen generator (replace every 5-6 years) to ensure that the nitrogen output meets the needs of customers. During maintenance, the carbon molecular sieve of nitrogen generator should be added replaced according to the customer's use.



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