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What are the factors affecting the performance of carbon molecular sieve nitrogen generator?

2020-07-07 H:51:26

Many people are familiar with carbon molecular sieves don't know what it is. They should know some industry-related knowledge in the industry, such as nitrogen molecular carbon sieve. Carbon molecular sieves can decompose oxygen nitrogen by manipulating the sieving characteristics. When the molecular sieve adsorbs impurity gas, the macropores mesopores only act as channel channels, the adsorbed molecules are transported to micropores submicrons, which are the actual adsorption volume. There are many micropores on the outside of the carbon molecular sieve, which can make the molecules with smaller energy quickly disperse into the pores restrict the entry of large-diameter molecules. Due to the difference of relative dispersion velocity of gas molecules with different sizes, the composition of gas inclusions can be effectively decomposed. Therefore, according to the molecular size, the micropores outside the molecular sieves should be diffused between 0.28 0.38 nm. In this micro pore size category, oxygen can be rapidly dispersed into the pores through the micropores, but nitrogen is difficult to pass through the micropores, thus oxygen nitrogen are decomposed. The pore size of micropores is the basis of carbon sieving for oxygen nitrogen. If the pore size is too large, the oxygen nitrogen molecular sieves are easy to enter into the micropores can achieve the decomposition effect. When the pore size is too small, neither oxygen nor nitrogen can enter the micropores, nor can they decompose.

1. Control valve on pipeline

As a result, the interest in maintenance of nitrogen generating equipment increased, the performance of the equipment decreased. Therefore, the use of imported valves fundamentally solved the thin ring section of carbon molecular sieve nitrogen generator. For conservative PSA nitrogen generator, it is very important to solve the problems of sensitivity, service life maintenance of its constituent valve. The maintenance rate of some domestic valves is high.

2. The core of PSA nitrogen production equipment

Using molecular sieve to ensure the use of molecular sieve, molecular sieve filling technology molecular sieve automatic filling device. Compared with other similar nitrogen generators, the recovery rate of nitrogen is improved, the energy consumption of nitrogen generator is reduced by 15.25%, so as to ensure the service life of molecular sieve reduce the "load" of adsorption tables chairs. It improves the adsorption capacity of molecular sieve nitrogen generator. Advanced process flow air distribution device are adopted.

3. Characteristics of activated carbon waste gas adsorption device

1. It can effectively remove volatile organic compounds odor, the adsorption gas meets the requirements.

2. It has good effect on low concentration volatiles, the activated carbon can be reused to save cost

3. Large air volume high adsorption effect.

4. Easy to replace activated carbon.

Carbon molecular sieve



Contact number: 0572-6116488 0572-6501198

Fax number: 0572-6500960

Company Address: Dingxin Development Zone, Jiapu Town, Changxing County, Zhejiang Province

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