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What is the difference between membrane separation carbon molecular sieve?

2020-09-16 H:00:09

Membrane separation equipment pressure swing adsorption technology are two key technologies of nitrogen generation. The basic principles are as follows:

Membrane separation equipment

Air is compressed according to the membrane, because the molecular diameter of different vapor is different. When the gas is in accordance with the membrane, CO2, CO2 water vapor with smaller molecular diameter will be discharged into the air according to the small round hole in the membrane pipeline. At the entrance exit of the membrane, the molecular structure of N2 with the diameter of biomacromolecule the rare gas argon are collected transmitted to the operating machinery. This kind of N2 separation is simple reasonable, without moving components.

Technology of pressure swing adsorption

The raw material for nitrogen production by PSA is carbon molecular sieve, which is a kind of rod-shaped carbon particles with loose porous structure. When air is compressed according to the carbon molecular sieve, it is also based on the different molecular diameter of the vapor. Carbon molecular sieve will absorb water vapor CO2, but N2 is easy to be adsorbed then separated. The whole process of PSA includes adsorption, release regeneration.

Pressure swing adsorption technology membrane separation equipment to produce N2 have advantages. According to different models specifications, the nitrogen generator of bicker steam body adopts membrane separation equipment pressure swing adsorption technology respectively. If the customer is interested in a certain technical trend, bicker can strongly recommend the appropriate model specification according to the customer's preference. However, for some special use of machinery equipment, the application of one of the separation of technical advantages over the other. The practical application of which technology is more suitable depends on the application water flow regulation, which can be generalized. It must be noted that both N2 membrane carbon molecular sieve are consumables, they do need to be disassembled replaced on time.

Two technical comparisons are made

1. Specification net weight

N2 membrane is small in size, light in weight, compact in structure, softer more delicate, even the generator can be placed in the standard test auditorium. This is undoubtedly a better choice for laboratories with limited indoor space.

2. Noise

The membrane separation equipment does cause noise, which means that the nitrogen generator of membrane separation technology can be placed next to the use of instruments equipment to work quietly without putting the generator in another room, thus reducing the additional cost caused by pipeline increase preventing the risk of pipeline steam leakage.

3. Purity

The function of N2 in different analyzers is different, so the requirements for purity are also different. The key of N2 used in LC-MS as atomization gas protective gas, the purity of 95% can meet the demand. Under rational conditions, PSA can achieve greater purity than membrane separation equipment. However, the purity of N2 caused by PSA is closely related to the quantity of gas supplied, the working pressure the quality of pneumatic valve. If the pneumatic valve is clean the working pressure of gas supply is insufficient, the purity will be greatly reduced. It is simply considered that the purity of PSA must be high.

4. Leakage point, moisture content

Besides technical separation, the quality of air inlet filtering device are also very important to determine the moisture content of N2 leakage point. For the pressure swing adsorption of carbon molecular sieve, if the front-end development treatment method is correct, it will only reduce the water removal capacity, but also pollute the carbon molecular sieve. In the long run, the carbon molecular sieve will lose its adsorption capacity. For membrane separation technology, if there is a good front-end development solution water removal design scheme, it can also reasonably remove water reduce leakage points.

5. Load of air compressor

Membrane separation technology pressure swing adsorption have different requirements for gas supply. For membrane separation technology, the higher the purity, the more necessary gas, the greater the load of air compressor. For pressure swing adsorption, there will be a blowback situation, so the air supply rate should be far beyond the standard deviation, it is easy to get the specific dust content according to the air nitrogen ratio, the relative air compressor load also exceeds the ideal condition.

6. Maintenance

Membrane separation equipment has few moving components, so it is easy to maintain. Once the generator has a problem, the small light N2 film occupies a small indoor space, which makes the maintenance of the generator the replacement of parts very convenient. In addition, it also reduces the maintenance repair costs saves time. In addition, the N2 film does need many electronic component management methods manipulation, so a large number of electronic device components can be used to monitor the key performance parameters to ensure the reliability of the generator. Pressure swing adsorption has many relative moving components electronic devices control, so the maintenance is complicated.

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