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Adsorption desorption process of carbon molecular sieve

2020-09-07 H:25:32

The main component of carbon molecular sieve is primary carbon, its appearance is gray black columnar solid. Because it has many micropores with a diameter of 4 angstroms, the microporous plates have strong infection to oxygen atoms in a moment, can be used to separate CO2 N2 the air. In industrial production, pressure swing adsorption equipment (PSA) is used to produce N2. Xintao carbon molecular sieve has the advantages of large amount of nitrogen production, high utilization rate of N2 long service life. It is suitable for various types specifications of PSA nitrogen production equipment, is the commodity of pressure swing adsorption nitrogen production equipment.

Carbon molecular sieve air separation for nitrogen production has been widely used in petrochemical equipment, metal surface treatment, electronic devices manufacturing, vegetable preservation other fields.

Basic principle of processing technology

Carbon molecular sieve adsorption to solve industrial waste gas is the use of carbon molecular sieve microporous plate can digest absorb organic chemical substances. The solvent in a large amount of low concentration organic chemical organic waste gas is absorbed into the carbon molecular sieve extracted, the steam after adsorption cleaning is qualified discharged immediately. Its essence is a whole process of physical adsorption extraction. It didn't get rid of the solvent.

Adsorption is to warm the absorbed solvent in the carbon molecular sieve with warm air after dissolving the industrial waste gas by the recycling equipment manufactured by our enterprise to make it reach the melting point of the organic solvent, so that the solvent can be absorbed the carbon molecular sieve, the organic waste gas with higher concentration after extraction is introduced into the catalytic combustion device. In the recycling equipment, the high concentration industrial waste gas is converted into harmless water carbon dioxide into air.

Adsorption adsorption can be carried out separately. Several carbon molecular sieve adsorption beds can be used to solve the adsorption problem. Another bed can be used to develop the adsorption development direction, which is suitable for the continuous production manufacturing site.

Advantages of processing technology

1. It has high adsorption capacity good adsorption capacity for organic molecules in organic waste gas;

2. Heat resistance corrosion resistance;

3. Molecular sieves can be recycled repeatedly. Catalytic reaction reconstruction equipment can be used to carry out on-time recycling. The in-service concentrated gas enters the recycling equipment is decomposed reacts, resulting in harmless vapor blowdown, which is easy to cause secondary pollution to the natural environment;

4. It can save operation cost do need to replace activated carbon on time.

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Contact number: 0572-6116488 0572-6501198

Fax number: 0572-6500960

Company Address: Dingxin Development Zone, Jiapu Town, Changxing County, Zhejiang Province

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