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What should be paid attention to when loading molecular sieve?

2020-07-08 H:49:29

1、 First of all, there is no big gap in the molecular sieve bed, so steel wire mesh should be laid, otherwise it will be very troublesome in the future;

1. sunny day when filling. Loaders are also required to prevent oil impurities entering.

2. The molecular sieves in the two tanks should be uniform.

3. Do a good job of supervision to ensure that the protective equipment of filling personnel is completely worn to prevent grease impurities entering. Only a lot of them have been considered for reference.

Detailed steps of molecular sieve filling

2、 First check the drawing to confirm the filling position quantity of alumina molecular sieve. If it is a monolayer barrier, it is usually a moving screen between alumina molecular sieves. If it's a double grille, it's even better. I've done it (now, large air separation designs are usually double decked).

1. Confirm the installation quality of the grid to ensure seamless, ensure that the grid fixing bolts will be loose.

2. After filling, it should be flattened used for filling. Alumina molecular sieves are highly mobile have no overhead.

3. Except for the drain hole, open all the holes as far as possible, install the fan to keep the air flowing in the water tank. Personnel need to wear deep shoes socks. When molecular sieves come into contact with sweat, they release a lot of heat. Always wear a dust mask, there will be a lot of dust in the filler. There is manual operation in the tank the manhole needs to be supervised. Contact internal personnel regularly.

Fill in safety related matters

3、 A confined space entry permit is required to enter the vessel. Entry personnel shall receive confined space safety training. The dust masks of the personnel in the container need to wear gas masks, full set of protective glasses, enter the container wear overalls, boots full body safety belt.

1. It is necessary to use oxygen meter to enter the inside of the container, the external personnel need to communicate with the internal staff regularly. Admission time cannot exceed 30 minutes, once every 30 minutes. You need to leave the container rest for 10 minutes before entering.

2. In order to prevent sudden accident of water tank, it is necessary to hang the lifeline outside the crowd connect it to the safety belt buckle of personnel, lightning arrester can be used for rescue.

3. The vacuum in the iron barrel may be very weak. Open the bleed screw on the barrel to remove the vacuum in the barrel.

4. In the process of lifting, attention should be paid to prevent falling objects collision accidents.

5. It is strictly forbidden for construction workers to carry small items such as keys on their mobile phones. Before entering, please hand over the above-mentioned small items place them in a safe place by designated personnel. There should be no debris around the top of the filler to prevent it falling into the container during filling.



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