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What are the applications of 3A molecular sieve?

2020-07-08 H:12:54

1. Application in isopropanol dehydration.

Isopropanol is an important chemical raw material organic solvent, which is widely used in chemical pharmaceutical industries.

A large amount of mixed waste liquid of isopropanol water will be produced in the industrial production process, which is of great significance for the separation of isopropanol water. High concentration of isopropanol can be obtained directly because of its strong adsorption to water good regeneration effect. High concentration isopropanol can be directly obtained by 3A adsorption dehydration of isopropanol. The water absorption of 3A molecular sieve has little relationship with the state of isopropanol (gas liquid), the adsorption of pure isopropanol is the same.

The adsorption capacity is closely related to the adsorption state, the gas adsorption capacity is small.

Through nearly 100 experiments, it has been proved that the molecular sieve has good regeneration effect, long service life (according to the manufacturer, it can be used for more than two years continuously), the operation is simple. The 3A molecular sieve can realize the dehydration of isopropanol steam, can be used in combination with ordinary distillation column to achieve the purpose of energy saving consumption reduction.

2. 3A molecular sieve adsorbed trace water in ethyl acetate solution.

Ethyl acetate usually contains a certain amount of water forms an azeotrope with ethyl acetate. At atmospheric pressure, the azeotrope contains 8.5% water by mass. In order to obtain high purity ethyl acetate, acetic acid B is needed.

Ester refining. The common refining methods mainly include: extraction purification process of accelerant; azeotropic distillation acetic acid extraction distillation. This process consumes a lot of energy.

Molecular sieve is a kind of reagent with strong adsorption capacity. It can effectively separate various components in the mixture. Molecular sieves have high adsorption capacity for trace trace water in gas liquid. It can produce gas in gas.

The dehydration of molecular sieve can be carried out under any pressure temperature. The operation is simple, the cost is low, the regeneration cycle can be desorbed.

Use. 3A molecular sieve has a strong adsorption effect on water is easy to operate. It can be used to adsorb water in ethyl acetate solution to obtain high purity ethyl acetate directly. The production process is simple energy consumption is low.

In order to maintain the effective adsorption effect, the regeneration conditions in the process of cyclic adsorption, the absorption effect after regeneration, the internal structure changes the causes of formation of 3A molecular sieve need to be further studied. Reduce molecular sieves.



Contact number: 0572-6116488 0572-6501198

Fax number: 0572-6500960

Company Address: Dingxin Development Zone, Jiapu Town, Changxing County, Zhejiang Province

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